Cheap Eats: Nicks Super Burgers

Orange County has numerous independent burger stands often with names like Bills or Bobs that give you huge portions of food for a good price. These places would original just be hamburger stands but often now they also often have extensive Mexican food menus too which reflects the demographics in many parts of Orange County. […]

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Fullerton College

I recently had some free time so I walked around Downtown Fullerton which has a historic downtown with a great many shops and restaurants to walk around and enjoy. In Southern California everything is built around the car so mini malls and huge parking lots are the norm. Fullerton unlike many cities in Southern California […]

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Fullerton Transportation Center

The main transportation center for North Orange County is in the city of Fullerton at its historic train station. The Fullerton Train Station has been in operation since 1923 when the station was built by the Santa Fe Railroad although the original station was wood framed. The wood framed building was demolished and replaced by […]

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Amtrack Fullerton Station

Amtrack Pacific Surfliner

If you are visiting Orange County for business or leisure there is a regular train service that runs between Downtown Los Angeles to the North from Orange County and South to San Diego; The train service is the Amtrack Pacific Surfliner and north of Los Angeles the service continues to the beautiful Santa Barbara and […]

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