Costa Mesa: The Straw Modern Shakes

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I had wanted to check out The Straw a place at in Costa Mesa that just sells high quality milkshakes for a while. The concept was interesting and, I was at the nearby Target so I figured a good time to check it out.

When you walk in there is a binder on the small table by the door where you make your shake selection. I stopped at the chocolate page and picked a neopolitan shake which was $8. Yes an expensive shake but this is a handmade shake with high quality ingredients much better than your typical fast food shake.

After the customer before me left he made my shake which was amazingly good, a shake might not be the healthiest thing to drink but sometimes you have to splurge in life. As you can see in the picture the shake also came with a neopolitan cookie on top a nice touch.

As I was enjoying my shake another customer came in and, said he knew what he wanted as he had selected from the website. The owner told the customer that the shake was not available because he would rather spend the time creating new flavors than updating the website. In an internet age where many people check out a businesses website before visiting not really the best answer but he did suggest similar items to the one the customer wanted from the website.

The shake was amazing and, i would like to go back there to try one of their other flavors its not inexpensive but i could see myself indulging once in a while.

The amazing Neapolitan shake at The Straw Costa Mesa at Fairview and Baker

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