OC Bus: Welcome Back Fare Reduction

OC Bus Parked

Starting today the OCTA has started a program with lower bus fares to encourage riders to return to OC Bus after ridership levels dipped because of COVID-19. The Welcome Back Fare Reduction Program was paid for with cap and, trade funding from the State of California

The discounted fares are $40 for a 30 day pass which is a considerable discount from the current price of $69 or you can buy 5 one day passes for $15 instead of the regular $5 each ($4.50 if purchased on the app). For the promotion the passes must be activated between today and the 11th of November

As a regular OC Bus rider the savings are very welcome and, hopefully will spur people to return to the bus how maybe had switched to other options during the pandemic.

I use the 47 bus down Fairview from Santa Ana to Costa Mesa which is already a very bus service as it seems ridership is already close to pre pandemic levels but system wide hopefully this program will boost ridership.

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