Disneyland Tickets Go On Sale April 15th

In great news for Disneyland Resort fans comes the announcement that tickets for Disneyland and, the California Adventure theme parks will go on sale April 15th. You will need a ticket as well as a theme park reservation for the same park to enter on that day.

These tickets are going to sell out quickly because of all the pent up demand with reservations limited and, subject to availability. Availability can change until your park reservation is finalized. To purchase tickets you must have a Disney account linked and, in groups no larger than 3 per household and sorry to people from out of state that want to visit this is for California residents only. 

DIsney said they may also release tickets to certain dates with them being released on a rolling basis. To make your park reservation go toDisneyland.com a Disney account as mentioned before is required to make a purchase.

(Courtesy Pirates and Mice.com)

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