Rubys On Huntington Beach Pier Closes

The Ruby’s restaurant at the end of the Huntington Beach pier closes today after being a fixture on the pier since 1993. The restaurant famous for its burgers and shakes was a part of a chain that once had up to 32 locations.

The Ruby’s company itself was once a chain of 32 restaurants well that was until a 2018 bankruptcy when the company was purchased by a by a new ownership group. The new owner who also owns a restaurant in Malibu hasn’t announced his plans for the restaurant but my guess is likely a more upscale restaurant.

The building on the pier is owned by the City Of Huntington Beach and, I’m old enough to remember the the first End Cafe which fell off with the end of the pier in a storm. The End Cafe returned after the end of the pier was rebuilt before Rubys took over in 1993.

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