Disney Bringing Back 1,000 Employees

Disney has made an announcement that it is calling back 1,000 workers for a ticketed event the California Adventure Food Festival which will start up soon. This isn’t a new event at the park but usually under normal times it happens when the park is open to regular visitors.

This event is is being called a limited time ticketed experience that will happen several days a week i presume how often with vary with demand. 

During the regular California Adventure Food Festival you pay your entrance to the park which allows you to ride the rides and see the shows most of which won’t be happening. 

In non pandemic years after you enter during the food festival you can pay for special themed food and drinks at stalls around the park. The food isn’t inexpensive but its usually good quality with whimsical ingredients and, appearance.

The question is what Disney will charge for each ticket considering its just for the California Adventure Food Festival not the rest of the park and, you have to pay for the food as well as drink options.

Downtown Disney will remain open as well as free even when the food festival is going on although its unlikely the expanded area in Buena Vista Street will be open while the festival is open.

Courtesy Pirates and Mice.com

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