Orange County Fair 2021 With Reduced Capacity

This years Orange County Fair was cancelled because of the pandemic although an online virtual event and a drive thru with fair food was held to try to make up somewhat for the loss of the fair.

The county is under a Stay At Home order and, numbers of cases as well as people in hospital is raising; Under this situation plans have to be made for next years Orange County Fair.

The annual fair draws 1.4 million visitors and, makes $36 million in revenue so the question is how to have a 2021 event while we are still potentially in a pandemic world. 

By next July no one knows what will be the status of the pandemic although hopefully it will look better as more people have been vaccinated. Even if a lot of people have been vaccinated social distancing and limiting crowd capability will most likely still be part of the picture.

It’s very likely that a 2021 Orange County Fair will happen instead of a virtual one but its also quite possible that the same restrictions we have become used too most likely also be enforced.

(Courtesy Costa Mesa

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