Orange County Curfew Starts Tonight

Orange County is now back firmly in the more restrictive Purple tier and, Governor Gavin Newson has a stay at home order starting at 10 pm tonight.

What Does The Limited Stay At Home Order mean?

The limited stay at home order requires everyone to stay at home between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am every night. This order means that all non essential work, movement and gatherings must stop.

Is The Orange Sheriff Enforcing The Curfew?

The Orange County Sheriff Department Tweeted out they won’t enforce the limited stay at home order; But the Costa Mesa Police Department said they would enforce it so enforcement could vary depending where you are.

Businesses Might Close Early.

If you plan to go out late tonight you might want to check what time the restaurant or business you are going to closes as there is a good chance many might close early so employees as well as customers can get home by 10 pm.

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