Restrictive Purple Tier Has Returned

As this is a travel site and most likely their isn’t many tourists visiting Orange County especially with Disneyland closed and travel issues I have avoided covering the pandemic news.

People visit here to get travel information and reviews there are plenty of sites covering pandemic news. But with the surge in cases across the country including Orange County, Gavin Newsome the Governor of California announced today that Orange County will return to the more restrictive Purple tier. This change must happen within twenty four hours instead of the normal two weeks notice.

Because this would greatly effect people in Orange County I will explain what will now happen as we have returned to more restrictive tier.

All restaurants will have to cease indoor dining, also shopping malls, churches, museums, zoos, gyms, aquariums and movie theaters will have to close.

Yes restaurants could still open with take out food as well as patio or parking lot tables and, churches could have outdoor services but the change back will be bad for an Orange County economy already dealing with large layoffs.

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