Bad News Continues At Disneyland Resorts

After trying to get California Governor Galvin Newsom to allow both Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks to reopen and after failing it looks like more bad news for cast members;

Cast members are what Disney calls employees and this past weekend 10,000 of them from the Anaheim theme parks got lay off notices by email.

The current 10,000 laid off is on top of the over 1,500 food workers that reports say we’re laid off previously as well as cast members of the new Star Wars Land.

Whatever the final numbers of employees let go it’s a sad time for what’s surpose to be the happiest place on earth. I myself never worked for Disney but growing up I knew lots of people that did so I wish all of the cast members the best.

In the current situation it doesn’t look like Disneyland or California Adventure will open by years end and it could be well in to next year before they do.

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