Cheap Eats: Nicks Super Burgers

Orange County has numerous independent burger stands often with names like Bills or Bobs that give you huge portions of food for a good price. These places would original just be hamburger stands but often now they also often have extensive Mexican food menus too which reflects the demographics in many parts of Orange County.

The menus in these stands is huge with often the fore mentioned hamburgers and, Mexican food but also often with huge breakfast menus as well as some dinner specials.

If you are looking for something different than your regular chain burger place it might be worth checking out one of these places. As I said you get huge portions but for the price you are not going to get top shelf ingredients but the food will be good and most likely more than you can eat.

The particular place I visited in the city of Fullerton is amazingly not called bill’s or bob’s which a lot of them are it’s called Nicks. So I visited early morning and as looked at the huge menu blurry eyed from not being up long, I decided to go with the breakfast burrito.

Nicks Breakfast Burrito

The breakfast burrito is common all over Orange County again must likely because of the Mexican influence although most likely this is an American creation. The breakfast burrito is a encased in a huge soft flour tortilla then has potatoes and eggs then the other ingredients such as the meat can vary could be sausage, bacon, ham sometimes they ask otherwise you get whatever their standard breakfast burrito is.

The burritos are usually huge and because it’s a burrito it’s easier to order to go and eat elsewhere than a standard breakfast or an omelette for example. In this case I ate at an outside table as the current pandemic rules at the time of my visit don’t allow eating inside.

I decided for a drink to go with a Mexican Coke yes not the healthiest thing for breakfast but neither is a huge breakfast burrito oh well. Drinking out of the glass bottle with a Coke made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup always tastes better to me.

The breakfast burrito tasted amazing a bit crumbly but ketchup blinded it together and well, worth the $6.99 it cost. I don’t know if the price varies depending on the ingredients picked but either way I needed a nap after eating it.

The burrito is enough the chips are not needed but there if you want.

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