Urban Legends Drive Thru Haunt At Fairgrounds

In a year that has seen many events canceled including the annual Universal Halloween Haunt comes news that the Urban Legends Drive Thru Haunt is coming to the Orange County Fairgrounds.

The event promises to “scare seekers who will experience immersive storytelling and terrifying scenes.” The terrifying scenes sounds like the 405 freeway every morning but I digress this does sound like an interesting concept.

In a County starved for entertainment right now this does sound like fun as you drive through three interactive zones with immersive lights, sounds, special effects and monsters that come to life.

Not actual show zombie


Wednesday to Sunday’s From October 1st to November 1st. Hours are 7 pm to 11 pm and on October 29 th to 31st they run to midnight.


Tickets are $49 per vehicle for up to five guests per vehicle. If you have a vehicle with six guests or more the price is $69 per vehicle.

Purchasing Tickets

To purchase tickets you can buy them at urbanlegendshaunt.com

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