Cheap Stuff: Goodwill Industries Santa Ana

Orange County has many thrift stores which are always fun to check out for bargains. The two main local charities running thrift stores are the Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries. The Salvation Army thrift stores are generally less expensive but not as organized as the Goodwill Stores although the Goodwill Stores are generally a little more expensive.

I was in Santa Ana so I decided to check out the Goodwill Store next to Goodwill Industries corporate offices. This location is huge and your could easily be lost for an hour or so going though the racks. This location has a big housewares, electronics and shoe section while you local thrift store might only have a small selection.

Corporate Office Sign Next Door

If you need a vcr there was many on the shelf in the electronics area if you don’t know what a vcr is ask your parents. All items are tax free as it’s a charity I did buy a t shirt but skipped buying pants as the size color code system is confusing and I couldn’t find signage explaining it anywhere.

It’s not as cheap as some thrift stores but still a good deal especially if you can buy during one of there 50 percent off a category sale. The selection at this store is huge although it seems that you don’t find designer brands as much as other locations maybe that just because of its location.

Right now the store is open everyday from 10 am to 7 pm but check first as hours can change. I would also come during the week this store can get very busy on the weekends.

Next door you can buy clothes and other items that weren’t good enough for the store, by the pound not something im interested in but it does get a crowd.

Store Location:

2722 West 5th Street, Santa Ana CA 92703

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