Motel 6 Costa Mesa

Motel 6 is a huge chain of motels across America and became known to many for its folksy radio ads where they would end with the line “I will leave the light on for you.” The commercials were corny but they run for years and helped myself and many others remember the chain.

Motel 6 also advertises itself as the lowest priced national chain and I nearly always find that it the case; This is especially true as the big hotel companies own multiple brands but even their lower level brands are higher priced than Motel 6. Because many motels have switched to the bigger brands Motel 6 price competitors the Red Roof Inns and Travelodges have far fewer locations.

Yes very orange and IKEA like

The particular location I was staying at is the Motel 6 in Costa Mesa which is close to the 405 and very busy Harbor Blvd. A few years all the Motel 6’s were remodeled with a Scandinavian kind of IKEA type theme which is clean and modern but the bright colors like the orange in the picture above might not be for everyone. The floors are vinyl plank and the bed while not anything special was fine.

The air conditioner, fridge, microwave and yes more orange.

Some of the rooms such as the one I was staying in is classified as Studio 6 which is a slightly higher priced room with added amenities. The main amenities you can see in the picture include a refrigerator and microwave as well as a hair dryer in the bathroom. This property has regular rooms as well as Studio 6 rooms but some properties don’t have Studio 6 rooms and others are all Studio 6 rooms.

To me if you are staying a night or two the upgrade to the Studio 6 rooms isn’t a big deal but if I was staying many nights being able to put water or drinks or left overs in the fridge would be an advantage.

Small bathroom as you would expect

The bathroom is small but functional although the shower head is low if you are a tall person but the water flow is fine. When I travel I do like to take a bath but a lot of times the tub stopper is gone or as in this case the diverter was broken so no useable tub. Some people bring a tub stopper with them when they travel I haven’t done that yet but might have to.

The room includes as you can see a small television with a selection of cable channels as well as a few HBO and Showtime channels as well as local Los Angeles stations. WiFi is free for all guests although if you want to stream video consistently then there is a $10 up charge. The desk isn’t the biggest or as you see from the chair the most comfortable but is fine for a blogger like me.

A bottle opener by the sink so you can drink beer while brushing you teeth, okay maybe not.

The towel sizes and soap are small as you might expect in a budget chain but are okay. I personally hate this type of sink however you use it water ends up splashing everywhere but that’s my personal pet peeve.

If you plan on on visiting Disneyland and have a car this location could be an option if not Motel 6 has locations in Anaheim closer to the theme park or in nearby Garden Grove. This location is better if you are visiting Costa Mesa for an event or the beach At Newport Beach or Huntington Beach.

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