Fullerton College

I recently had some free time so I walked around Downtown Fullerton which has a historic downtown with a great many shops and restaurants to walk around and enjoy. In Southern California everything is built around the car so mini malls and huge parking lots are the norm.

Fullerton unlike many cities in Southern California has streets you can walk down and explore the shops, restaurants and in normal times bars. But today instead of doing that I decided to walk around Fullerton College on the public streets.

A little background on Fullerton College is that it’s a community college and part of the North Orange County Community College District. More exciting is it’s the oldest community college in continuous operation in California and was opened in 1913.

The college itself is closed because of the current pandemic but I stayed on public streets the whole time.

The two statues in the pictures above were in a park across from the college which is a good place to relax although figured out public art is not my thing but they looked cool.

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