OC Bus Is Free At Moment

During the current Corona virus pandemic and the stay at home order by the Governor of California traffic on OC Bus is light as its only mean’t to be used by people performing essential services. My day job is under the essential services so i do have to take the bus which is operating on a Sunday service because of less traffic .

To help protect the bus drivers first OC Bus switched to a daily Sunday service so their older drivers could take time off as they are more at risk by Corona virus.

The end of last week OC Bus has also closed the front doors of the buses by the drivers so you enter through the rear doors and exit the same way. The front part of the bus is roped off so the diver is away from the passengers which means no fare collection but it’s much safer for the driver.

You should only be using the bus if it’s essential and, OC Bus will loose income by not charging but its the right thing to do to protect its drivers.

Update May 12th 2020

Right now you still enter the rear doors of the bus to protect the driver but now there are signs on the door directing you to have a paid ticket before you get on. I guess that means you have to go to one of the locations that sells tickets or by buying a digital ticket on your phone before you get on the bus.

Once you get on the bus you have no way to validate the ticket as the machine is next to the driver which is roped off. I guess you just have to have it in case you are asked either way i would bring your face mask.

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