Good News For Disneyland Annual Pass Holders

Right now with so much bad news going on here is a little bit of good news to Disney annual pass holders for Disneyland and California Adventure.

During the Coronona virus pandemic annual pass holders continued to get billed monthly even though they didn’t have access to either park which are closed. Disney at the time said they would extend the expiration date of the pass by the time the park was closed.

Now comes news that Disney will stop billing the annual pass holders who have monthly payments while the theme parks are closed; Even better news is that they are refunding the scheduled monthly payments that have happened since the park has been closed.

This is the correct move by Disney as charging people a monthly fee even though they didn’t have access to the parks didn’t seem right especially with all the stress and money issues people are under at the moment. If you pay your annual pass in advance you will get a partial refund for the time the park is closed.

Main Street USA At Christmas
Hopefully scene in above picture will return

The new annual pass policy starts today and will apply to every annual pass holder that made monthly payments from March 16th to April 4th.

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