Rise Of The Resistance Opens Today

The original plan was for Galaxy’s Edge premiere ride Rise Of The Resistance to debut first at Disneyland instead of its recent debut at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. During the lead up to the ride opening there were reports that during construction at Disneyland the some of the rails were installed upside down;

Whatever the reason for the delay the fact the main ride for Galaxy’s Edge wasn’t open when the area opened this was a big negative for the themed area. Yes Smugglers Run the ride that opened with Galaxy’s Edge and, is a good ride but everyone has been waiting for real e ticket ride which is Ride Of The Resistance.

Ride Of The Resistance is due to debut to the general public today at Disneyland after yesterdays media preview. It looks like Disneyland is going to use the same system that they used for the opening of Galaxy’s Edge to deal with the crowds of people; That system is using the Disneyland app to have people sign up for boarding groups to get your spot.

Judging from the demand for the Hollywood Studio version the Disneyland version should be extremely popular and, even with the break downs as well as opening issues in Florida big crowds are eagerly waiting for the Disneyland version.

Storm Troppers At Galaxy's Edge

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