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OC Bus

One inexpensive way to get around Orange County is the public bus system operated by the Orange County Transportation Authority. The buses are branded OC Bus and operate on 77 routes across the county with over 6,000 bus stops marked by the sign below.

Bus service on main routes can be fairly frequent but if you are away from the denser population areas in Orange County the service can be more limited. In October 2015 many routes were eliminated as they decided to consolidate routes to improve service and ridership on the busiest lines although around Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm for example the service is pretty good.

All OC buses are equipped with a bike rack for two or three bikes for no additional charge on a first come first service basis. If you use a bike rake exit through the front door and, notify the driver you are going to grab your bike. Bikes are not allowed on the bus so you’re out of luck if the racks are full, the exception is the last bus of the day on a route.

Riding The Bus:

Arrive at the bus stop at least ten minutes early and then signal to the driver for the bus to stop’. One you get on you can pay change or dollar bills in the fare box (pennies not excepted) or use the OC Bus app and scan your prepaid barcode under the reader as you get on. Take your seat and, as you approach your destination signal the driver one time with either the chain by the window or buttons on poles.

When the bus comes to a stop the green light will come on above the rear door press the yellow area on the door to open the door to get off and as they say in London mind the gap.


Almost all the OC Buses now have free wi-fi you might not be able to watch a movie but you will be able to check your email, browse a web page or read the news.


The cost per ride is $2 per trip for adults or $5 day pass ($4.50 for digital version) plus discount fares for seniors, adults and disabled; There are monthly passes available as well and kids under six are free.

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