Cheap Eats: Costco Pizza Is So Good

Costco Pizza
Even a little burn’t Costco pizza is so good

Costco if you are not familiar is a members only store where you pay a yearly membership to buy bulk quantities of items to save money. One thing Costco is known for is its food court which generally offers really good food for a bargain price.

Because most of the food courts in Southern California are on the outside of the stores you don’t have to be a member to get the really good value food.

The above item is the basic cheese pizza which is $1.99 for a huge slice as you can see in the photo above. In this case the pizza was slightly burn’t but still amazing and washed down with a bottomless soda.

The above pizza was from the Costco in Fountain Valley but there are many locations in Orange County, go to the Costco website .

Update February 27th 2020:

It looks like the option for discounted food is over for non members as Costco has announced that from March 16th a current Costco membership will be required to buy food from their food courts. The change is happening nationwide but the dates it’s starting could vary a little bit.

The move is not surprising as the food deals are a bargain which Costco often looses money on, but does it for its members. The basic yearly membership is $60 and maybe they will get a few new members but for me it wouldn’t be worth it as buying items in bulk wouldn’t work for me.

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