John Wayne Airport

John Wayne Statue

John Wayne Airport (SNA) is the only commercial airport in Orange County and mainly has domestic flights to various parts of the United States. Yes the airport does have a few international flights to Canada and Mexico but for the most part your flight will be to or from a domestic city.

If you are flying in from other parts of the world such as Europe or Asia for example the closest large international airport is Los Angeles International Airport known too many as LAX. The reason why it’s known as LAX is because thats the airports city code for flights so many call it by that name. LAX is about thirty five miles from Orange County up the 405 freeway in Los Angeles .

Whereas LAX is one of the busiest airports in the world and is huge and sprawling, John Wayne Airport( SNA) is much smaller and more compact. John Wayne Airport (SNA) has a single runway and even though its much smaller than LAX its a very busy airport. Because of the size of the airport its much more manageable and easier to navigate. The flights can be a bit more expensive than LAX but if your final destination is Orange County you have to figure transportation in to the price.

Airport With Different Names

The official name of the airport is John Wayne Airport named after the legendary movie star who lived in nearby Newport Beach. You may also hear the airport named as Orange County Airport or Santa Ana Airport just to make things more confusing. The reason why Santa Ana Airport comes up is the airport is in the city of Santa Ana and the airport city code for the airport is SNA.

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